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MWCC Early History Book

I am pleased to make this limited-production book available. It chronicles (in words and images) the "Early Years" of Maple Woods Community College. Thanks to the Leheney Family and Christine Yannitelli for granting permission to distribute this book! The authors maintain all Copyrights, and the file is not to be altered, sold, etc. without permission. Thanks to Mark Stockmyer, for the .pdf conversion.

Link to .pdf Book: Maple Woods Community College: The Early Years
(.pdf format - 36 Mb)

JGS Online Syllabi (circa 2010)

These links will take you back in time, to the actual online syllabi used by students in John G. Stockmyer's Western Civilization I and II classes.

NOTE: These web pages are dated... and NOT mobile-friendly! Best viewed on a big screen.

Link to John G. Stockmyer's Western Civ. I online syllabus

Link to John G. Stockmyer's Western Civ. II online syllabus

Radio Spots/Interviews (Audio)

Maple Woods Radio Commercial - Ron Brink

Great Moments Interview (1970) - John G. Stockmyer

Time Machine Interview (1976) - John G. Stockmyer
(NOTE: poor sound quality)

MWCC (Still Images)

Maple Woods: pic 1
CNN Story: pic 1 CNN Story: pic 2
Table Tennis: pic 2 Table Tennis: pic 1
Maple Woods: pic 3 Maple Woods: pic 4
Maple Woods: pic 5 Maple Woods: pic 6
Maple Woods: pic 7 Maple Woods: pic 8
Maple Woods: pic 9 Maple Woods: pic 10
Maple Woods: pic 11 Maple Woods: pic 12 Maple Woods: pic 13
Maple Woods: pic 14 Maple Woods: pic 15
Maple Woods: pic 17 Maple Woods: pic 16 Maple Woods: pic 18
Maple Woods: pic 19 Maple Woods: pic 20
Maple Woods: pic 21

John G. Stockmyer MWCC Scholarship

An endowed scholarship at Maple Woods Community College is currently being funded, and will begin granting awards in 2024. To support the JGS Scholarship, you can:

1. Purchase JGS books at All sales revenue will be applied to the scholarship fund.

2. Make a donation to the JGS Scholarship. For information, contact John L. Stockmyer:

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