Stockmyer's Introduction to the Student Notes
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What follows are the notes taken in my class by one of my former students (with minor editing by another former student). First, let me answer a few questions that I am always asked.

Didn't you write these notes yourself? No.
Didn't your student use a tape recorder? No.
Didn't your student use shorthand? No.

What my former student did -- and a hot-shot student she was -- was take good regular notes, then go home and type them up the same day she took them. That way, she could remember things she had left out and add them to her notes. This "copy the notes the same day" business -- works! But it is not really necessary. You don't have to remember the jokes, after all. By taking your own notes in college, you will get on to what to write down and what to leave out. Pretty soon, you'll be able to listen and take notes at the same time, taking notes automatically, without having to think about what to write. Ultimately, no set of notes will help you as much as your own. IF you learn to take good notes.

Meanwhile, if you miss a class, or if you don't take notes very well yet, you can have a look at my former student's notes. My later students have told me these notes have been of great help!

Personally, I haven't read these notes. Why? I tried, but couldn't stand to do it. I kept hearing echoes of my voice. I found myself saying, "Did I actually say that! Yuck!"

Since I haven't read them, I obviously can't promise that these student notes are always accurate in fact or in interpretation. What I can guaranteed is that this is the best set of notes you're apt to find -- anywhere! Enjoy!

Student Notes--Lectures For Section One
Student Notes--Lectures For Section Two
Student Notes--Lectures For Section Three
Student Notes--Lectures For Section Four

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