John G. Stockmyer The Time Machine
(Time Machine Simulator at MWCC)

Time Machine (Radio Interview)

The Time Machine was a teaching device dreamed up by John G. Stockmyer. It was built on the campus of Maple Woods Community College. Students who achieved an A on an exam were rewarded with a ticket to the Time Machine. The following is a radio interview conducted in 1976 by Bill Redlin (KANU-FM). The interviewees are John G. Stockmyer and Ron Brink (MWCC Instructor and Theater Director). The interview was broadcast on Voice of America. (Note: The sound quality is poor in places.)

Time Machine Radio Interview

Time Machine (Documents/Articles)

Time Machine Document/Article 1 Time Machine Document/Article 2 Time Machine Document/Article 3 Time Machine Document/Article 4

Time Machine (Still Images)

Time Machine: pic 1 Time Machine: pic 2
Time Machine: pic 3 Time Machine: pic 27
Time Machine: pic 29 Time Machine: pic 28
Time Machine: pic 25
Time Machine: pic 6 Time Machine: pic 5 Time Machine: pic 7
Time Machine: pic 20 Time Machine: pic 21 Time Machine: pic 22
Time Machine: pic 23 Time Machine: pic 24
Time Machine: pic 8 Time Machine: pic 9
Time Machine: pic 10 Time Machine: pic 11
Time Machine: pic 13 Time Machine: pic 14 Time Machine: pic 18

Time Machine (Video Sequences)
Time Machine: Teaser

On a password-protected page, you may view the original five Time Machine Video Sequences that were produced in the 1970s. If you wish to view them, send me an e-mail explaining your desire to see the videos, and your connection to Kansas City, Maple Woods, etc. I will then e-mail you the username/password so that you can access the Time Machine Videos. Send your request to John L. Stockmyer at:

NOTE: Once you get the username and password, Click HERE to access the Videos.

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