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Fiction Novels (eBook format)

John G. Stockmyer authored two (fiction) series set in Kansas City. Thousands have been sold worldwide... but now, you can get these eBooks for FREE! Click on the book covers.

John G. Stockmyer Z-Detective Series Novels
(Z-Detective Series)

John G. Stockmyer Under the Stairs Series Novels
(Under the Stairs Series)

Short Stories (Audio)

These short stories were recorded around 2004, which puts my dad's age close to 70 when they were narrated. They were meant to be listened to in order. I intentionally left in the "rustling of pages" every few minutes as captured during the recording process. To me, this makes it feel as if my dad is in the room with you. Also, No EQ or compression, or any other effects were added to the audio. Enjoy.

1. Man's Best Friend

2. Jesus Jumper

3. Dragons

4. A Fairy Tale

5. In a Glass Darkly

6. Weather or Not

7. The Man Called Great

8. Francis Farquar

John G. Stockmyer MWCC Scholarship

An endowed scholarship at Maple Woods Community College is currently being funded, and will begin granting awards in 2024. To support the JGS Scholarship, you can:

1. Purchase JGS books at All sales revenue will be applied to the scholarship fund.

2. Make a donation to the JGS Scholarship. For information, contact John L. Stockmyer:

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