What's in a Name
by John G. Stockmyer
Book #9 in the Z-Detective Series

Book Cover: What's in a Name

Big Bob Zapolska, small-time detective that he is, doesn't like dogs. Little dogs. Big dogs. Any kind of dog. So what's he doing trying to locate a savage dog that chewed up a child? Don't ask.

The Z-man doesn't like working occult cases, either. And yet, finds himself chasing a monster that a superstitious person might think was a werewolf.

Drug dealers? Not Z's favorite people.

Nor are dwarfs who speak to the spirits of the dead.

As for having to associate with zombies, it has rarely brightened any P.I.'s day to run into one of those.

On the other hand, who but a low-life private eye could you get to do a job like this?

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