Bang Bang, You're Dead
by John G. Stockmyer
Book #7 in the Z-Detective Series

Book Cover: Bang Bang, You're Dead

Not another occult case! On the other hand, that's the kind of work a lowly P.I. like Big Bob Zapolska had to expect. (It was his connection to "out of this world" specialist, Jamie Stewart, that got him mixed up in this kind of weirdness, the Z-man determined to dump sexy Jamie -- when he could find the time.) For now, she'd blackmailed him into helping her check out "ghost lights" in the trees. For an encore, would no doubt have him shadowing witches in the woods!

Nor did it help that Police Lieutenant Addison was pressuring Z to babysit a politically sensitive haunted house; that a Mafia thug had moved in above Z's apartment; or that Z was plagued by mysteriously appearing animals.

P.S. Not to mention multiple murders -- senseless killings sure to add interest to an unlicensed gumshoe's humdrum life.

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