Murder by Candlelight
by John G. Stockmyer
Book #3 in the Z-Detective Series

Book Cover: Murder by Candlelight

One girlfriend -- trouble. Two girlfriends -- double trouble. Mafia vengeance -- multiple trouble.

And yet he's able to muddle through, using the tools of the lowlife gumshoe: logic, persistence, and a disregard for legal "niceties."

How does Z handle it when casual contact with a sleazy radio personality gets Z into trouble with the police, the Department of Building Codes, the IRS, and someone who attempts to frame Z for drug possession?

Can he avoid Mafia vengeance for hiding out his old mob friend, Johnny Dosso?

Not to worry! If Big Bob Zapolska can't outwit, or out-trick his many opponents, nobody can!

Price: $6.99
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