Good Lord, Deliver Us
by John G. Stockmyer
Book #2 in the Z-Detective Series

Book Cover: Good Lord, Deliver Us

Big Bob Zapolska. Bob Zapolska. Big Bob Z. The Z-man. Z.

Call him what you will, a quick look at Bob Zapolska's credentials says he's a poor excuse for a private eye. He never went to "sleuthing school," instead, reads P.I. paperbacks to learn the gumshoe game. He's not even a former cop.

How lowly P.I. Bob Zapolska came to be chaperoning a girl ghost hunter, was difficult to figure. How he got himself into "haunting" a ghost house, was impossible to explain. As for avoiding the charms of "frolicsome" ghost hunter, Jamie Stewart, Z could only follow one of his own rules: "To avoid temptation, give in to it immediately!"

Throw in maniacs, mutilation, and murder, and Z had himself the kind of case that was apt to kill him!

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