by John G. Stockmyer
Book #14 in the Z-Detective Series

Book Cover: Shadowman

Big Bob Z is following his typical routine, working the kinds of menial, unimportant jobs for which he is so highly suited. Barking dogs. Kids putting graffiti on a church. Then, these "unrelated incidents" are joined by something big and important. A young woman is murdered right outside his office ... the murder weapon found in plain sight -- atop one of his non-functional filing cabinets. A weapon with Z's fingerprints on it! Captain Scherer can hardly contain his enthusiasm, thinking he has Z dead to rights.

If being the prime suspect in a grisly murder weren't bad enough, Z gets word from Willis Addison that a psychotic killer has broken out of a prison out west, and is on his way to Kansas City to settle an old score with who? Bob Zapolska, that's who. Except that Z can't remember a perp that matches that description. The psycho-killer's nickname ...? The Shadowman. The killer's special talent? The ability to hide in plain sight, or vanish into thin air. The killer is headed Z's way and no one can stop him ... or even SEE him!

And if all of that weren't enough, someone has been playing "pranks" on him. Harmless at first, but growing ever deadlier. The prankster seeming to know information about Z and his routine that no one could possibly know. Z's inner-contact tells him there is someone constantly watching him ... listening to him .... In his apartment. In his office. In his car??? It is as if he could reach out and touch, someone that is there, but is invisible. Can Big Bob, or you, solve the case of the Shadowman, before it is too late? This one is shaping up to be Z's final case....

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