The South Will Rise Again
by John G. Stockmyer
Book #13 in the Z-Detective Series

Book Cover: The South Will Rise Again

Once again, under orders from Willis Addison, Z teams up with Jamie Stewart to expose a new wave of "psychic criminals" plaguing Kansas City. Fortune tellers, psychic surgeons, mystics, snake charmers ... Wait, did you say ... snakes???

This is all normal, expect for two things: One, Z gets the distinct impression that Addison is blowing their cover -- on purpose -- and two, that the "targeted" mystics seem to all be from the Middle East or India. Addison seemingly has some kind of personal stake in all of this. He says his job is on the line due to budget cuts, and he needs more busts, but Z is not so sure that is the whole truth.

And then there's the "Watch House" in Liberty, Missouri. The Watch House is a Pre-Civil War "fort" that is now reported to be ... what else ... haunted! The house is also rumored to have large amounts of Civil War money hidden somewhere on the premises. Looks like it's time to bring in the haunted-house experts!

How does a haunted house, a top cop, Civil War money, and Indian mysticism come together?? Find out, in The South Will Rise Again.

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