Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright
by John G. Stockmyer
Book #12 in the Z-Detective Series

Book Cover: Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright

What kind of detective would take on a case involving a haunted house, Mafia hit men, and a tiger on the loose ....?? That's right, one that has no choice in the matter. Both Detective Addison AND Johnny Dosso have "requested" that Z investigate an old, abandoned house in Kansas City's Swope Park.

The Swope house turns out to be a former speakeasy owned by the K.C. Mob during Prohibition from 1920 to 1933. No one seems to know who owns the house now ....

In 1933, two seemingly unrelated events occurred: Prohibition was repealed, and Executive Order 6102 made private ownership of more than $100 of gold illegal in the United States. Legend has it that the owner of the Swope speakeasy routinely collected his unlawful profits in gold coins -- a huge stash of gold coins. Caught off-guard by the Presidential Executive Order, without the proper time to convert the gold coins back into legal tender .... the Swope house legend was born.

Over the last 60 years, "gold hunters" have searched the Swope house for the stash of gold coins that MUST BE THERE! The luckiest of the gold hunters have found nothing. The not-so-lucky ones wound up dead. Can Z solve the case of the missing gold ... or will he be unlucky .... and what was that about a tiger on the loose???

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