Unleashing the Right Side of the Brain
The Systematic Approach for Unlocking Creative Potential
by John G. Stockmyer and Robert Williams

Book Cover: Unleashing the Right Side of the Brain

Too many of us say, "I'm just not creative," when, in fact, everyone has the potential to be.

By following the revolutionary LARC (Left and Right Creativity) Program outlined in this book, you can learn how to come up with new ideas and innovative solutions to all kinds of problems. The step-by-step exercises in LARC I, II, III, and IV teach you how to bring the right (creative) side of your brain into play with the left (logical) side.

Robert H. Williams and John Stockmyer both taught at Maple Woods Community in Kansas City, Missouri. Williams, a Ph.D. in Psychology, has developed and tested his program with both college and elementary-school students.

NOTE: This book is out of print.

A shortened, eBook that covers the process for LARC I and II is in progress. It is currently (2023) not available.