The Gentleman Vampire
by John G. Stockmyer

Book Cover: The Gentleman Vampire

Alexander Ashley Alastair is a vampire. No! Not the vampire of legend. A real vampire. Does he drink blood? Certainly not! Sleep in his coffin during the day? Absurd. Can't be seen in mirrors? Ridiculous. Can only be killed by having a wooden stake driven through his heart? Unfortunately, not the case. What is true is that, with the proper amount of... uh... physical intimacy - neither too much nor too little - plus avoiding dangers that would kill anyone, he does not age.

With the ability to hibernate at the first hint of danger to himself, Alastair has awakened from a sixty-year sleep ("going to ground" in 1941 to avoid WW II.) Though finding it impossible to "bone up" on all that happened during the period of his recent hibernation, he is confident that his style as a 19th Century Englishman will cover any small blunders he might make. Conceited, thin-skinned, greedy, lazy, fearful, and suspicious, Alastair revels in living the Great Life, having all the time in the world to accomplish something, sometime.

Part reconstruction of the vampire myth, part satire, part spoof, the book reveals A. A. Alastair as more Magoo than gore, more Clousseau than criminal. In short - though Alastair would be horrified at the comparison - he is startlingly like the rest of us!

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