Spiders Under the Stairs
by John G. Stockmyer
Book #9 in the Bandworld Series

Book Cover: Spiders Under the Stairs

One more time, John Lyon, young history professor, will use his Van de Graaff generator to launch him from his ancient house to another planet: a place he's named Bandworld.

Through luck, a magic crystal, and John's variations on modern technology, John has made himself the revered mage of the backward country of Stil-de-grain.

Just a quick trip to bring back the woman he loves. No complications other than the usual chaos, the jealousy of other wizards, foreign attack, shifty friends, and the danger of crystal madness.

Surely, some new threat will not emerge -- based on the law of averages, if nothing else!

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*This book is under revision, and is currently NOT available for purchase.