Submerged Under the Stairs
by John G. Stockmyer
Book #10 in the Bandworld Series

Book Cover: Submerged Under the Stairs

Once again, John Lyon travels to Bandworld -- a medieval culture with a touch of magic thrown in. He is called upon to help "his" people solve a disturbing new problem: Terrorist bombings in Stil-de-grain! John fears that the introduction of gunpowder to Bandworld has upset the planet's normal evolution. So, he has to find out if he can fix the problem.

John discovers the source of the bombs, but along the way has to deal with a few other tricky situations. . . . like the fact that his people are about to revolt against him because there is no rightful king.

Oh, and he also has the small problem of having to face a combined assault from the two most powerful mages in Bandworld. . . .

Can the mighty Mage of Stil-de-grain make it out alive yet again? Maybe. . . maybe not!

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*This book is under revision, and is currently NOT available for purchase.