John G. Stockmyer (1934-2014)

John G. Stockmyer is an individual whose irrepressible creativity manifested in many ways: as a poet, teacher, produced playwright, author, co-owner of an educational materials business, creator of a Time Machine and, more recently, as a podcaster and producer of eBooks. During his career he received awards for scholarship, numerous teaching awards and, as a writer, was a Thorpe Menn finalist.

He co-authored three non-fiction books: Unleashing the Right Side of the Brain - The Stephen Greene Press, Life Trek: The Odyssey of Adult Development - Humanics, and Right Brain Romance - Ginn Press. He authored over 30 works of fiction, including the Crime/Hard-Boiled "Z-Detective" Series, and the Science-Fiction/Fantasy "Under The Stairs" Series. He also wrote a quirky vampire novel titled, The Gentleman Vampire.

Below, I posted some pictures I thought my Dad's readers might enjoy. Thanks for visiting the web site!
- John L. Stockmyer